Weight loss

When we think of a diet, we think of someone eating boring food with tiny portions or calorie counting, all requiring huge willpower and strength, with lashings of guilt when we fail or cheat for a day or two.

It doesn't have to be that way.

There are many important aspects to consider when trying to lose weight. The main ones are -
  • your individual nutritional needs
  • your metabolic type
  • your routes of elimination (ie how your body detoxes)
  • your fat profile (saturated vs unsaturated)
  • your exercise and activity levels

Losing weight is about stimulating your metabolism (the rate your body burns up food) and here at levelfooting, we are trained to look at all these factors to make your weight loss more effective and allow it to stay off.

We will show you how to interpret your own body's signals so you can tinker your diet according to your body's needs, allowing you to deal with small imbalances before they escalate. Once you understand how and why your body behaves as it does, you won't need to rely on willpower alone and change will be lasting.

We offer 2 types of weight loss programs which differ in intensity

Your metabolic type and detox channels
This analyses your metabolic type to maximise the rate in which your body burns food, providing guidelines of what food, drink and exercise best suit you to maximise your weight loss and keep it off.

Home techniques are also provided if desired which speed up the process, allowing the body to detox, shifting weight and toxins quicker and easier.

Full Nutritional Assessment -
A full nutritional assessment is a personalised eating plan which takes into account
  • your history of illness, aches and pains
  • your family history
  • your biochemical patterns
  • your metabolic type
  • your current needs (ie stress and activity levels)
  • and support your routes of elimination

This is for those who wish to rehaul their current eating regimes and find something which is uniquely tailored to them.
This assessment is over 2 sessions (around 2-3 hours are needed) and a 15+ page individualised report is prepared.

If you are unsure about which one is right for you, do not hesitate to give us a call on 07905 913 169 or contact us by email and we will find the right package for you.

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