Your metabolic type

Have you noticed how some people can just eat for England and never really put on weight whereas others can merely look at a carrot cake and feel the pounds piling on.

One of the main reasons for this is our metabolism. This is the rate in which our body burns food for energy.

Cravings, body shape, the way we deposit fat are all indicators of our metabolic type.

Cravings are often our downfall when we wish to lose or maintain our weight, whether it is sweets, caffeine, meat, bread, salt or pasta.

However, if we look at our cravings in a different way it is easy to overcome them. It is not about willpower or being weak or strong but the body's desire for a chemical reaction.

When we are tired, stressed or emotional, we tend to get more cravings. This craved food, when it is broken down creates certain chemical reactions. It is these chemical reactions we are craving. This in turn negatively affects your metabolism, leading to further tiredness, weight gain and a loss of vitality.

By understanding your metabolic type, you can eat foods which support and sustain you, creating the chemical reactions that your body needs, thereby naturally reducing your need for cravings, increasing your energy, vitality and improving your mood. No more need for massive willpower and guilt!

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