Full Nutritional Assessments

Full nutritional assessments are recommended for those with specific illnesses, digestive disorders and for those who wish to rehaul their eating patterns.

We discuss your family history from grandparents to parents, examine biochemical patterns and why your body reacts the way it does.

We analyse your body on a cellular level, which mirrors you as a whole.

Once you understand why the body does what it does, it is easy to implement the right changes for you.

Your personalised eating plan will take into account
  • illness, aches and pains
  • your family history
  • your biochemical patterns
  • your metabolic type
  • your current needs (for example your stress and activity levels)
  • and support your routes of elimination (how your body eliminates waste and detoxifies)

Many nutritional programs fail to take into account these routes of elimination which are vital for our health. As the famous phrase says.... “What goes in must come out” (Ideally!)

Let me try and explain using this simple example, but it should get our point across!!!

Imagine your body is a juicer. Your aim is to provide yourself a very nutritious juice.

You go out and spend lots of money on organic fresh vegetables to juice.

However, your juicer has not been cleaned since its last use where it was used to make something you hate! and the system is all clogged up with pulp.

However good the quality of your produce, the end product is being affected by the old juice and horrible vegetable used last time.

It is the same for our body.

For our body to be healthy, our routes of elimination need to be working properly.

To get maximum use of the foods you eat and the loving time we take to prepare and shop for healthy produce, we need our body to be clearing out our waste from old meals first!

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