Detoxing is a wonderful way of giving our body a great clear out. A spring clean.

However, most people find that when they start to detox they feel awful for a few days from headaches from caffeine withdrawals, to cold and flu like symptoms, which often puts people off.

This is often because our routes of elimination are struggling to clear.

By visiting us at levelfooting, we can prepare a detox plan which supports these organs of elimination to make your detox process easier, faster and more effective. We can also provide you with ideal food guidelines which suit your metabolic type and maximise your detox.

Toxins flow out of the body in certain paths
The routes of elimination -
Cell -> Lymph -> Blood -> Liver -> Kidney -> Colon -> OUT
Cell -> Lymph -> Blood -> Skin and Lungs (and menstrual flow for women)

When start your detox and reduce the challenges on the body (for example alcohol, sweets, caffeine etc) and give the body more nutritious foods, it suddenly has a lot more energy. The body will then have a clear out since it has the energy to do so and shift the toxicity building up in your cells.

As the body starts to clear, the organs of elimination need to be working properly to clear this increased waste. However, most people have some organs of elimination which are already struggling and are unable to cope with the increased levels. This makes us feel slow and uncomfortable and will not allow a full release of toxins.

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