One woman’s journey into reflexology

“Two years ago, I went from having heavy periods to periods that lasted more than two weeks.

My G.P simply prescribed a cocktail of coagulating drugs; I had no diagnosis only horrible side effects and I was terribly exhausted and anaemic.

A friend recommended Sam as a reflexologist, and that changed my life!

The first treatment was soothing and left me incredibly relaxed, Sam was very caring and sympathetic and advised me to see a gynaecologist. She talked about the bleeding as a symptom of stress in my life, and helped me to de-stress providing lots of information and tools to achieve this.

I visited Sam regularly and the treatments helped my symptoms and kept me sane!

After seeing a gynaecologist, I was, diagnosed with fibroids and an enlarged uterus. It was my decision to avoid an endometrial ablation or at worst a hysterectomy. I took an integrated approach, combining medication with alternative therapy. Sam supported me what ever my decision. She kept me going with regular sessions of reflexology and lots of compassionate advice, which I cherish to this day.

I looked forward to my reflexology sessions, and for the first time in years, I was back in touch with myself and that gradually changed my life. Easing the stress eased the symptoms, until one day I had normal periods without the aid of any medication.

Two years on, I am in great health and continue to have reflexology, it helps me to unwind, see clearly and deal with the stresses and strains of life. I will always be grateful to Sam for the role she played in helping me to recover from my condition, with her great strength and positive attitude.”

Zara Kane